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ABM Group commenced business in 1994 and from the outset has built a solid reputation for instilling high quality awareness among personnel, sub-contractors and design teams alike. We have had a quality policy in place since 1998 which is implemented through our Integrated Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management System – adherence to which is mandatory for all ABM employees and sub-contractors. ABM’s Integrated Management System (IMS) is accredited to0 ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

ABM operates a well-developed and robust Quality Management System on all projects undertaken and this ensures that we meet all of our clients’ expectations on every level with regard to the deliverance of high quality both in the administration and delivery of a high quality end-product. All management and staff involved in our projects, from Managing Director downwards, is responsible for quality control. We instill a quality awareness culture from the outset of every project across the entire team, including sub-contractors, to ensure that Quality Control and Assurance is always a key priority throughout the course of the project.

The objectives of the Quality Control Measures are as follows:

  • To meet and exceed the quality standards set down by the Client, the Project Specification and Documentation.
  • To satisfy the requirements both contractually and otherwise of the Client and the Design Team.
  • To minimise defects and ultimately handover a high end quality project.
  • To ensure that all sub-contractors, whether domestic, specialist or nominated, have similar procedures and, if not, each sub-contractor must fully comply and sign up to the ABM quality control procedures and form part of the overall team in delivering a high quality end product to the client.
  • To continuously improve the image and reputation of ABM as a company that can deliver a quality project within the contract programme.

ABM’s response to ensuring quality both in the administration and delivery of a high quality end product falls under the following headings:

  • ABM Integrated Management System Policy which incorporates Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental
  • ABM Integrated Management System Manual
  • Procedure for dealing with document control
  • Programming and project planning procedures

ABM Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001_2015