Terminal 1 Multi Storey Car Park, Dublin Airport. (Refurbishment)

This project was for the refurbishment of the Terminal 1 Multi Storey Car Park (MSCP) Block A, B, C and Atrium, at Dublin Airport (Land side). The existing Terminal 1 MSCP’s were originally built in the years 1993 -1998.

  • Block A was opened in 1993 and has a capacity of 500 spaces
  • Block B was opened in 1996 and has a capacity of 600 spaces
  • Block C was opened in 1998 and has a capacity of 1,250 spaces

All three car parks were required to be totally refurbished, with exceptions in some areas, but with a view to upgrading the customer experience both internally and externally.

The car parks are constructed of concrete post tensioned flat slabs to Blocks A+B and concrete post tensioned beams supporting concrete flat slabs to Block C. The objective of the refurbishment is to provide an improved customer experience that will be in line with the existing Terminal 2 car park at Dublin Airport.

The existing Atrium received a general strip down and clean up of circulation areas including new louvers. All surfaces were redecorated with the exception of the floor plate. In the car parking areas new white line markings were applied and crossing line of the car parking spaces refurbished.

Existing railings and guardings were redecorated in place. Where excessive corrosion had occurred the affected areas were cut back and/or reinstated. All drainage systems were cleaned down and redecorated with some aco drains required to be replaced.

Existing structural damages where identified by consulting engineers where cracking of ramps, columns and areas of slab were addressed. External roof repairs were identified and sealed to stop existing routes of water ingress and the Ticket Pay Area was refurbished and upgraded to the entrance.


  • Repair all structural defects including works to external facade
  • Repainting of the structure internally and externally, wall columns, ceilings including floor markings
  • Refurbishment of lighting and life safety systems
  • Upgrade of the wayfinding internally and externally including road gantries
  • Installation of new vents at high level on building facade
  • Repair/ Paint to link Bridge