IBM Geodis

With our partners, GSE we designed and built this 300,000ft² logistics warehouse in just 12 months. The site construction phase took just 6 months which, by any standards, is an extremely tight timeframe within which to take a project of this scale from Greenfield site to turnkey building.

The IBM/Geodis warehouse at Mulhuddart in Dublin is a prime example of our ability to fast track a major project using innovative technology and construction methods.
The warehouse, which is used for the storage and retrieval of IBM components, and finished servers, is connected by an automated conveyor link to IBM’s computer manufacturing facility in Damastown, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15.

One of the most complex aspects of the project was the requirement to fit 40 dock levellers and doors to cater for the secure loading and unloading of 40ft container trucks.

The installation of docking doors is universally regarded as an extremely complicated and technologically challenging task. As a result, contractors always wait until the concrete structure of a building is in place before they embark on this particular phase of a project.

ABM Construction, on the other hand, adopted a unique approach to fast-tracking this phase. By manufacturing dock leveller systems off-site, we shaved at least 30% off the normal construction time that would be required for a project of this scale. The IBM logistics warehouse for example might have taken 12 months to complete using traditional construction methods, but we completed it in just over half of that time, thus making substantial savings in time and money.